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Welcome to the musical world of First Fish In Space!


We are a three-piece band consisting of a drummer (Frank), a guitarist (Wolf) and a synthesizer player (Chris). Our band has a deep connection to the beautiful city of Bern and we want to express this connection in our music.

Our creative process begins with a musical loop that runs as a common thread through every song. This loop is the foundation on which we build and develop our musical ideas. Once the loop is created, we move into a live recording session where we add the remaining instruments.

We want to share our music with the world and have decided to release our live recording sessions on YouTube. So you can be there up close and experience the magic of our sounds. Each session is also released as an individual song, so you can enjoy your favorite moments again and again.

It is important to us to present our music as authentically as possible. Therefore, the songs are not edited for release. This means that even small errors or imperfections are part of our publications. We believe that these flaws highlight the authenticity and charm of our music.

We warmly invite you to become part of our musical journey and discover the city of Bern through our sounds. Visit our YouTube channel to experience our live sessions and songs.


Let yourself be carried away by the magic of the moment and immerse yourself in the unique world of
First Fish In Space.

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